Letter of Interest

Dear Committee Members,

As an artist, I assemble sculptural vignettes of the human condition. Using combinations of maquette, sketches, and fabrication documents, I explore how to economize Mother Nature’s resources and produce works based on the realization that this pays homage to the people who have used the materials before me. With a dedication to quality, I combine curiosity, exploration and emotion with the allegories entombed within my materials and emphasize how to conserve and preserve our planet for all creatures.

Sam Nunnelly of F.A. Nunnelly (right) the lead crew at Alamo Iron Works (left) and myself working together in order to complete “Elements” for the John Igo Library a 50’ tall piece that harnesses the wind.

My latest series, “Wrapped”, amasses my expressed and private memories coupled with the memories of those that have used the materials before me. As a strict practice, I collect objects that are meaningful and carry the soul of those that have shaped or used them before. After compressing these objects they are wrapped and entombed within stainless or sweet steal salvaged from various manufacturers. The completed pieces are a wealth of life that celebrates many and continues to address my mantra “economizing Mother Nature’s resources by sustainability”.

I am AWS D1.3 certified assuring that I assemble my works with the highest standards. I have included images of past work of stainless steel, galvanized steel, epoxy industrial coated sculptures, oxidized steel and some feature kinetic elements. These examples will endure the test of time.

Interacting with committees, researching rich histories and acknowledging what each setting dictates, I create pieces that bespeak the natural landscape and memorializes the area and its residents in an enduring work of art while respecting the importance of budget thresholds and on time delivery. You will find that the sculpture is thought provoking with quick to understand concepts while providing sustainability and little to no maintenance requirements. Works may also incorporate solar energy for a self-sustaining lighting element.

These qualities are the reason that you can find my work in both Sculpture Magazine September 2008 (*1) and the book entitled “The New Earthworks: Art Action Agency” (*2).

*1 – https://goo.gl/WyuQdA *2 – https://goo.gl/fi7sCJ

Best regards,

James Hetherington

Steel Art Studio by James Hetherington
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San Antonio, TX 78208
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Website https://hetherington.Studio/

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